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align is a human-centered strategy company that helps businesses grow their purpose and profit.

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Jen Reiner, President


  • Former Director of PA Governor’s Office of Innovation

  • Over 11 years of start-up leadership in higher education
  • Corporate Faculty in Entrepreneurship
  • Masters of Business, Penn State University
  • Several non-profit boards and committees 
Jen has a unique background and expertise that made her a perfect fit for us.
— Justin R., Lancaster, PA


We’re on a mission to help purpose-driven businesses thrive, so they in turn, can spread a greater positive impact to the stakeholders they touch—like employees, customers and the broader community.  We believe vibrant communities need inspired business leaders who are fulfilled by their purpose and empowered by their success.

    How we work

    We bring the methods used by some of today’s most innovative and successful Fortune 100 companies, to mid-sized and rising businesses, to identify new opportunities, differentiate from their competitors, and establish a blueprint for the future.

    We place special emphasis on increasing the number of successful women and minority business owners, as a path toward increasing the influence of diverse perspectives within public leadership. 

    We use a combination of best practices from human centered design, the lean startup process and traditional strategy, leadership, and adult learning methods.

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    What we do

    We help you develop and implement smart business models and competitive strategies that will enable your business to stand out and grow.

    We help you thrive in the sweet spot where your purpose, expertise and customers' needs all intersect.  We help you see a big picture that might have been obscured by day-to-day experiences. We merge creative and analytical work to produce actionable ideas and accountable follow-through.   We do this by providing services for:

    • Business Model Innovation
    • Customer Understanding
    • Competitive Strategy
    • Business Development & Sales Leadership

    Vision & Values

    • Delivering Results and Changing the Status Quo
    • Helping Individuals Reach their Full Potential
    • Enabling Social Good
    • Empowering Women and Minorities in Public Leadership
    • Fostering Authenticity 

    Things to know...

    • Growth is about change and change can be uncomfortable. But, being left behind is even more uncomfortable. 
    • We know that creativity breeds innovation, and play feeds creativity.  Fun is a good thing.  
    • This work can be messy and non-linear, but we work hard to be efficient. 
    • Honesty is the best policy. That’s how we roll, even when you’re not going to love what we have to say. 
    • We work hard to see things through multiple perspectives.
    • Six Fridays a year, we quit early to beat the rush to State College.  Some other Friday’s we quit early too!
    How can we help you?

    Insights & Resources

    Learn more about the process, the principles we base our work on, and ‘big ideas’ on our Blog.