Why Us?

We deliver results, not binders. We generate more than plans and recommendations. We create new opportunities, spark new ways of thinking, and develop your competitive advantage. We align purpose and profit, and balance invention with execution.

You’ll get clarity about not just what to do, but how to implement the most important strategic activities to move your business forward. And, after we help you actually roll-out new initiatives, we can provide ongoing hands-on support to increase the capacity of your team.

Our process is lean, agile and responsive to your needs. It’s not a cookie-cutter approach. You’ll experience refreshing and inspiring methods used by some of today’s most successful Fortune 100 companies.

We enable our clients to:

  • Update an innovative strategic plan for the future

  • Identify new revenue or savings opportunities

  • Develop a product or service that better meets customers preferences and priorities

We use techniques from the strategic planning, financial management, the lean startup process, human centered design, business model innovation and process improvement.  

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Jen has a unique background and expertise that made her a perfect fit for us.
— Justin R., Lancaster, PA

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Meet our team

We're on a mission

Align is a human centered strategy company that helps businesses grow, to enhance opportunities for owners, employees and communities.
We use our work to advance two big ideas:

Beyond Profitability: Translating business success into social good, community leadership, and a tool to enable fulfilling lives.

Building Equity: Increasing success and influence of women and minority business leaders.

How we roll...

  1. Growth is about change and change can be uncomfortable. But, being left behind is even more uncomfortable. We make change tolerable for those who dislike it, and we create focus for those who see many possibilities.

  2. We know that creativity breeds innovation, and play feeds creativity. Fun is a good thing and is compatible with hard work.

  3. Honesty is the best policy - even when you’re not going to love what we have to say.

  4. We work hard to see things through multiple perspectives.

  5. Six Fridays a year, we quit early to beat the rush to State College. Some other Friday’s we quit early too!

  6. We've got families and lives outside of work and know you do too. We know how to balance success, while being available and accountable.


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