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Business Model Innovation - Webinar

Before updating your strategy, (which you probably need to do if you haven't dug into it in the past year or so) you should revisit your business model.  Working on your business model should be like solving a riddle.  It should be challenging, but engaging and rewarding!  Solving a riddle also taps your logical brain, as well as your creative brain--just like the work of business model innovation! 

Whether your business is young and still finding its sweet spot, or whether success is pushing you to scale up and expand into new opportunities, now it the time to innovate!   If you're working to grow the business, add something new, or go in a new direction, your business model is the place to start!  

Business Model Innovation starts with a snapshot of how the business currently operates--from the 10-thousand foot view.  Then we conduct a simple assessment to uncover the areas where the business model could work better.  In this webinar, we'll dive right into some creative thinking exercises to spark ideas about how things could be different in your business.  By the end, you'll have started a practical, easy-to-use process to guide your thinking about how to tap new opportunities. 

Stand-out businesses work on their business model.  Leaders who focus on business model routinely get out of the weeds of implementation and look at the business from several perspectives.  Join Jen Reiner, president of align, for this 60 minute webinar! 

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