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10 Strengths of an Invincible Business

  • Align 342 North Queen Street Lancaster, PA, 17603 United States (map)

What makes a business invincible and able to adapt? And, to what extent does your business have these traits? Good questions!  Align identified 10 criteria that capture what leading management experts collectively point to as essential capabilities for an organization to be adaptive and sustainable. These strengths lead to benefits such as the ability to attract the best talent, anticipate changing customer needs, and create solutions competitors aren’t even thinking about.

Gain confidence to refresh your business by learning about some great opportunities to raise the bar and make your organization more adaptable and formidable.

An invincible business, an expression coined by the inventors of the Business Model Canvas, is an organization that’s continually able to renew itself and invent new business models as a market leader. Think Amazon, Google or Netflix.  But the mindsets and traits of ‘invincibility’ can be embraced in any size company. 

Each of the 10 Strengths is basically an operational goal to aim for—and not the traditional goals of productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability- though they will help you achieve these too!  The criteria link back to Align’s Business Model Blueprint, which is a great tool to capture and reflect on the major moving parts of your business, all on one-page.  Capturing and reflecting on your business model is great start for making business improvements. However, with these 10 Strengths, Align has created a way to not only assess how you’re doing in each area of the business model, but also evaluate how well the areas are integrated together to create synergy.   If it sounds complicated, it’s not.  They are surprisingly common-sense goals that are easy to understand, but not as easy to achieve.

Here’s one of my favorites: High-level business goals are being met, a meaningful purpose is being achieved, and this excites employees and customers.  On a scale of 1-10 how’s your company doing?

Here’s one more… A diverse and highly talented workforce is drawn to the business, and they are loyal and productive.   How well does this describe your company?

If your company embraced just these two strengths and pursued strategies to make this a reality, how might that help to reinvent and grow your business?

In this workshop, we’ll review the 10 Strength for Invincibility and talk about some of the things your company could do to build core strength in these areas.  This is how market leaders are made! Join us if that’s what you’re striving for!

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