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Executive Roundtable on Design Thinking: What, Why & How

  • Align 342 North Queen Street Lancaster, PA, 17603 United States (map)

Solving today’s complex challenges requires new ways of thinking and working. This is why more and more organizations incorporate design thinking into their organizational DNA. The approach enables a deeper and more accurate understanding of the problem to be solved, it generates a wide range of relevant and novel possibilities, and minimizes the risk associated with innovation.

Design thinking (also referred to as human-centered design) is a process and a set of attitudes that facilitates creative problem-solving. It’s effective at generating high-impact new ideas, as well as for testing, refining and rolling-out new initiatives. It’s used to design anything from products and services, to processes and complex systems. The techniques can be applied to entrepreneurial ventures, existing businesses in search of new opportunities, social enterprises, non-profits, or even government services.

Align uses design thinking to help businesses grow by learning more about customers needs and preferences, generating novel ideas and testing concepts before building them out.

Human-centered design is gaining popularity because the process is easy to understand and isn’t a rigid set of steps and templates. It’s also a great way to foster inclusiveness and be mindful of the unique needs across diverse groups.

This workshop will explain some of the core principles and techniques that you and your organization could try right away. Come to this session with an important challenge in mind and we’ll identify approaches that could lead to progress on your issue.

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