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Steal These Ideas Workshop: Staying Relevant as Customers’ Needs Change

  • Lancaster Country Club 1466 New Holland Pike Lancaster, PA, 17601 United States (map)

Steal These Ideas Workshop: Staying Relevant as Customers’ Needs Change

You know customers’ needs, attitudes and preferences are changing.
Upstarts and established companies are going after new business by catering to these needs.
Is your product or service differentiated in a way that’s still important to your customers?

How will you go about uncovering new needs and refreshing your products, services, and customer experiences?

You need a game plan for adapting products and services to stay relevant and responsive to customers’ increasingly high expectations. This workshop will answer these questions and more!

You’ll learn:

  1. What customers want and how to know without a shadow of a doubt

  2. How some companies are disrupting industries and how you can apply new approaches to your company

  3. Pitfalls, Traps and Handicaps that send you in the wrong direction

  4. The Power of a Pivot and how to uncover yours

  5. A proven method for understanding customer needs, generating relevant business ideas and converting ideas into profitable solutions

You'll be inspired by practical ideas and one clear method for how to start the process of updating your products and services to align with what customers really want.

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Hosted at the Lancaster Country Club

Presented by: Jen Reiner, President, Align Ltd

Presenter Bio: Jen is a builder. Prior to starting Align, she was a leader on the founding team of a first-of-its-kind start-up university. There she developed and launched new programs and recruited the college’s very first customers, with little more than a grand vision to show first customers. Over the years, she worked closely with business leaders through workforce initiatives and applied technical centers. She’s experienced the challenge of launching new services in a highly competitive, mature market. Later, she led the Commonwealth of PA’s Office of Transformation & Innovation, where she worked closely with the senior-most executives to gain support for and implement innovative new government initiatives. Colleagues and clients appreciate Jen’s ability to think creatively and strategically while staying focused and persistent on ‘getting it done.’ Jen teaches a graduate course and provides training in entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership.