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Steal These Ideas - Innovation Circle

  • Align 342 North Queen Street Lancaster, PA, 17603 United States (map)

If you’re curious about new opportunities for your business, examples outside your industry can be a great source of inspiration. Many innovations aren’t entirely original concepts, but new adaptations of existing ideas. This interactive workshop will explore how your organization could address customer needs with new solutions by applying existing business models in unexpected ways.

Familiar strategies such as peer-to-peer platforms, membership models, or freemium services are examples of business models that are now finding their way into numerous types of industries because of how they effectively address changing customer preferences. Other examples we’ll look at include getting customers to do the work, creative financing, doing the opposite of industry standards and providing on-demand options. In a round-table format, we’ll explore how these and other models could provide opportunities to adapt to your customer’s changing needs.

Come to this session with an open mind and curiosity about industry standards that might be ripe for disruption. Leave inspired by the creative ways your businesses could adapt and thrive in changing times.

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