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Innovating Products, Services or Processes

The ability to anticipate opportunities and adapt to change is growing more and more vital for long term business success. While change can feel daunting, it’s also empowering and exhilarating to take control and adapt proactively by innovating when times are good. Best of all, there’s a time-tested process and we’ll walk you through it.

Align facilitates innovation initiatives as events or a more comprehensive process.  Innovation has two key parts – ideas and implementation. We’ll help you generate novel ideas to differentiate or update your services. Getting your team to think differently is our specialty!  Then we apply entrepreneurial techniques to help you test, further flesh out and launch your ideas ireqnto new revenue-generating or cost savings programs.

Types of innovation engagements:

  • Spark Circle Idea Session

  • Design Thinking Problem Solving Process

  • Lean Startup Product Development Consulting

  • Business Model Innovation


How Align Approaches Innovation Projects

  1. We help you better understand what customers want. To generate solutions they’ll be excited about, we explore the needs and trends affecting current and future customers, as well as ‘non-customers’ (those currently choosing other alternatives).

  2.  Don’t fix what’s not broken.  Innovation without a specific purpose isn’t effective. However, if you haven’t made updates in a while, there’s an opportunity to improve your product or create internal efficiencies. Industries that have gone unchanged the longest are ripe for disruption. Be pro-active.

  3. Innovation initiatives can also help with employee recruitment. How your business operates and what it offers can be a major factor in whether employees are attracted to your company. 

  4. Implementation is key. Having the right people to help a new initiative get traction is critical for real success to occur. We can help with that!