Jen Reiner

Jen Reiner

Prior to launching align, Jen spent over 11 years helping establish Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HU), a start-up, non-profit university. As one of the first 8 employees, Jen helped build HU, starting 16 months before it opened. She had the daunting task of recruiting students to a college that was merely a concept at the time. Today, HU is recognized as an educational innovator and serves around 3500 students per semester.


Jen experienced first-hand the uncertainty, tests of character, and grittiness of starting a new business in a highly competitive, mature market.  She knows the importance of balancing vision with ‘getting it done.’  

She served the University as director of admissions and director of its continuing education and customized solutions. (Read a recent blog post about how her work at HU led her to start align.) 

You’ve been an excellent partner on this journey...
— John K.

From there, Jen was invited by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to establish and direct his office of innovation and transformation. The charge was to lead modernization and innovation efforts in state government.  

Jen teaches graduate courses and corporate training in entrepreneurship, negotiations, decision making and leadership.  

Educational Background

She has a Master’s in Business from Penn State University, and numerous experiences in non-profit leadership.  She is a wife and mother, and grew up among the dairy farms of Northeastern PA. Her blue-collar upbringing taught her the importance of hard work, persistence and creative problem solving.