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  • Business Model Thinking 101

  • Designed for Growth- The Art & Science of Your Business Performance

  • Aligned for Growth - Fueling Your Business Purpose and Profits

  • Business Model Innovation – Strategic Planning Reimagined!

  • Innovation Accounting – Measuring Traction of Anything New

  • Mindsets for Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • The Internal Entrepreneur – Courageous Strategies for Discovering New Opportunities

  • Creating a Culture for Innovation

  • Design Thinking 101: Explore the 5-phase process as taught by Stanford University’s dSchool

  • Human-Centered Innovation Techniques for Discovering New Opportunities

  • Beyond Pain Points- Understanding the Customer's Job to be Done

  • Aligning with Your Prospect’s Strategy

  • Factors in Customer Adoption of New Tech

  • 4-Factors for Startup Success