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Align is a human centered strategy company that helps businesses grow.

We enable small and mid-sized companies to adapt to changing market demands by innovating new products, services or business models. 




We enable organizations to proactively adapt to changing customer needs by facilitating innovation and strategic planning that leads to profitable growth.

Using entrepreneurial methods like design thinking and lean startup, we lead clients through an inspiring process of creative problem solving that leads to new products or services that create value for customers. Our work can result in business model innovation that enhances the organization’s competitive advantage.

Align’s inspiring approach integrates new ways of thinking and new tools with trusted best practices and a diverse team of consultants.  

Whether you have very clear goals, or just a curiosity about how things could be better, our exploratory meetings are designed to identify targeted opportunities for improvement.   



An entrepreneurial leader on a mission is a mighty force. We partner with owners and executives to harness vision into action that creates positive business results.

We believe the combination of purpose and profits is fuel for businesses to accomplish amazing things.  We design business strategies that align personal, financial and social goals.

Business success can empower a wide array of stakeholders - from owners and employees, to customers and the whole community. Our mission is to grow businesses that grow people and to expand the diversity of successful business leaders. When minority and women business leaders are successful, their influence and impact expand. Communities thrive when they have a diverse array of influential business voices.


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