Every CEO… an entrepreneur

Seize new opportunities to win customers with improved products, processes, strategies and business models.

We help companies shift from getting by to growth, by adapting for changing business conditions,
mapping a future direction, and resolving persistent problems. Our projects lead to improved profitability
through new customers, new products, new revenue streams and new ways of doing things. 




More than ever, business leaders need to have a dual focus on designing their future and carrying out today’s work.  

We realize that's not easy. So, we make it practical and painless for companies to assess where they are, refresh their plans for the future, and renew the energy and talent needed to launch new opportunities.  Clients actually feel reinvigorated by their experience with us! 

We help companies innovate when times are good, so they’re proactive about addressing upcoming changes. No matter how long the business has been around, we help you pursue new opportunities and innovate in entrepreneurial way, while reinforcing the core strengths that define your business.




An entrepreneur on a mission is a mighty force. We help harness your vision into action. We believe the combination of profits and purpose are the fuel that moves missions forward. 

Business success can empower a wide array of stakeholders - from owners and employees, to customers and the whole community.  We're working to widen the success among business owners, to build equity among a diversity of businesses and entrepreneurs. When minority and women business leaders are successful, their influence and impact rises, and communities thrive when they’re enriched with a diverse array of leadership voices.


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