It's time for a strategy refresh.

Align is a human-centered strategy company that helps businesses grow their purpose and profit.

We offer a different approach to strategic problem solving and improve your business model to meet changing conditions and customer needs. 



These are dynamic times.  More than ever, business leaders need to be forward looking.  You've got to innovate when times are good!

But what does your path forward contain? If it's not clear what your company needs to do to grow and thrive in the future, it might be time for a strategy refresh.

We provide objective insights and facilitate a human-centered process to uncover opportunities that can lead to new customers, new revenue streams, new products, or new ways of operating.   

Once we generate solutions for your top strategic objectives, we help you test these ideas for feasibility and traction, then develop plans for accountability and implementation. 

The process integrates customer feedback, taps into employee motivation and teaches re-usable techniques that add agility and innovation to your organizational culture.  


We're purpose driven and interested in making a positive community impact. We believe business success can empower a wide array of stakeholders - from owners and employees, to customers and the whole community. 

We all want something similar. Personal fulfillment, impact and security.  Business is a powerful engine for these goals. We serve business leaders who want to be part of something bigger than their own success. We fuel success in teams that are on a mission to be their best and deliver experiences that are truly remarkable. 

We start by understanding what makes your business tick: 'What's your purpose? What are you exceptionally good at? What do your customers need?'

It's all about impact.  Our goal is to increase the influence of diverse voices in the community. When minority and women business leaders are successful, their power for impact rises. We're helping businesses that believe as powerfully in their mission as we believe in ours.

Jen Reiner has been an objective, well versed, sounding board and guide for navigating the muddy and weedy waters of social entrepreneurship and personal growth.

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