What We Do

We help you evaluate your business objectively, identify new opportunities, and implement effective plans.  This often includes ways to generate new revenue, serve new customers, differentiate your product, create efficiencies or scale up operations.

  • Business Model Innovation
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Customer Understanding
  • Business Development & Sales Leadership

We help you grow and sustain the level of business necessary to reach your goals.

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Strategy & Innovation Projects


Business Model Assessment

Mini engagement to capture and assess your business using Align's Business Model Blueprint tool. Uncover gaps where you’re missing out, compare your model to others across many industries, and target improvement areas.  Start here! 


Business Model Bootcamp

Retreat-style program to focus on the future. We'll spark new approaches for growing business, improving performance and deepening impact. We evaluate the business model, your internal capabilities and customer needs. This can lead to both marketing and operations improvements. 


Strategy Sprint

A holistic, yet efficient process to build a plan for the future, designed around strengths, capacity and customer needs. Identify opportunities for new revenue, new customers or new ways of operating. Usually lasting about 6-8 weeks.


You helped us define our voice. We’re heading in the right direction now. We have a clearer vision.
— Sovanna Mam, President, Greenfish Labs


Scheduled Events 

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Customized Solutions


Business Model Innovation


  • Assess how your business works & identify strategic opportunities for improvement
  • Help you discover new ways of delighting customers, driving profits and improving operations
  • Uncover a business model that matches your purpose and expertise with market demand
  • Facilitate innovation work that leads to actionable options


  • Renewed ability to grow, go in a new direction, and/or improve operations
  • Improved competitiveness in the market
  • Clear and prioritized objectives, aligned with your goals
  • Compelling ideas worth acting on

Competitive Strategy



  • Analyze market factors that affect your business

  • Establish strategic objectives that are measurable and adaptable

  • Convert your business model into objectives and tactics


  • A plan that is both innovative and practical, leverages all of your capabilities, and coordinated across the organization

  • Early milestones to validate the plan’s ‘fit’ and impact


Customer Understanding


  • Gather and analyze the preferences, attitudes and experiences of your customer groups

  • Generate insights about your customers’ needs

  • Test concepts and prototypes with potential customers

  • Objectively assess your customers’ experiences


  • Product differentiation that customers value

  • Your story of customer successes and internal best practices


Strategic Business Development 


  • Help identify strategic partners with shared mission and customer groups
  • Apply customer-understanding to the selling process
  • Apply innovation techniques for new methods for generating and converting leads
  • Leverage professional development & coaching resources in the Enterprise Sales Institute


  • A sales team equipped with customer insights and better discovery techniques 
  • Over time, your sales funnel will become more efficient
  • Strategic referral sources that contribute to lead generation

Client Goals from Past Projects

These are just a few of the reasons clients have hired Align:

  • Create clarity and prioritize short-list of objectives
  • Better define and understand the needs of our target audience
  • Increase revenue and position the business for acquisition
  • Differentiate our offering and tighten up our value proposition
  • Spend less time on admin and more time on our craft
  • Improve operations so our team is under less strain
  • Delegate new responsibilities to key leaders
  • Increase new leads and sales
  • Be recognized for industry best practices and thought leadership
[Jen] possesses an uncanny ability to identify and help to solve apparent, and not so apparent, problems. I have found my interactions with Jen to enlightening, motivating, and most importantly stabilizing.
— Ginny Ward, Discover Nature Network