how to use the blueprint

Align enables businesses to adapt to changing customer expectations and establish a strategic blueprint for success.

A Profitable Strategy Starts an Effective Business Model

A business model is an interdependent set of decisions and activities that serves as the ‘formula’ for how the business creates value. Business models become outdated as internal and external factors change over time. The business model connects purpose and expertise, to produce a solution that meets customers needs.

To be vibrant and sustainable, businesses need to update their business model, not just products, services and marketing. 

Adapt, Refresh, Grow. To get started, use the blueprint to capture the current story about how your business operates and engages customers. After you identify all of the ‘moving parts’ in the business, you can assess the overall health and sustainability of this model in the future.


Strategy & Innovation Activities 



Relevance is dynamic. The best businesses do more than respond to customers needs, they anticipate them.  They also embrace new operating activities (it’s not just about technology) that can improve the customer experience, productivity and profitability.

We’ll help you look at your business holistically to find gaps where new approaches could lead to big opportunities. This can include presenting inspirations from other business models that might spark new insights. This is the assessment piece, it can be big or small!

Curious? Check out our Innovation page.



This is all about innovation and strategy development. We use lean, customer-driven methods to identify opportunities and establish a strategic direction. Activities like customer insights, stakeholder and market analysis, idea generation, prototyping and traction metrics are all aspects of our highly practical approach.

Whether we’re solving persistent problems, or tackling new frontiers, we help you build future capacity (new skills and mindsets) for strategic problem solving. Added bonus - we’ll help you build purpose and impact into the plan, so you can tap into motivators that go beyond profitability.



Ideas and plans are only part of the work.  The real value comes from actually getting projects off the ground. So, we won’t leave you hangin’ with just set of recommendations. After we help you raise the bar, we’re available to help roll out new initiatives with accountability teams. This is where change gets its traction and leads to measurable results.