Timing Is Everything. Innovate When Times are Good

Timing Is Everything. Innovate When Times are Good

We’re all familiar with the concept of keeping up with the Jones. For a very long time this approach worked for many businesses as a strategy for sustainability. In most industries, there were a few big players and just keeping in line with the competition was enough to provide jobs to employees, services to customers, and enough income to pay salaries.

Fast-forward to today. Customers have a plethora of options to choose from when they look for services and products to meet their needs. To earn their market share, companies have to anticipate the evolving needs of customers, and refresh both products and operations in order to stay relevant. Today, it’s a constant job to stay ahead of, let alone on par with the competition. If you’re not focused on anticipating and adapting to change, it’s important to make this a priority now.

The key is to innovate when times are good and proactively anticipate future opportunities. Align enables growth by developing a strategic plan that balances the competing agendas to invent something new, and improve the delivery of existing products and services. Traditional strategic planning can be uninspiring and result in a binder of familiar activities. Instead of reorganizing the status quo, we invent new opportunities by using design thinking techniques and lean startup methods. We provide the inspiration and management consulting to uncover and capitalize on your competitive advantage and establish differentiation that customers really value.

Our consultants energize leaders with entrepreneurial ways of thinking that enable them to anticipate future opportunities and adapt their business to remain relevant and vital to customers.

Get started now by capturing your current business activities with our business model blueprint, an editable 1-page document that helps you identify and organize all the major ‘moving parts’ in the business. Request a brainstorming meeting to get feedback on your business and identify potential ways to refresh and grow your business.