Relevant, Adaptable and Invincible?

We wouldn’t be surprised if you thought invincibility is a completely unrealistic measure of business success—maybe even out of touch with reality.  Given your ‘regular’ priorities, striving towards this level of greatness would be audacious, right?

A business that can continually reinvent itself to stay ahead of the curve is said to be invincible, according to Alex Osterwalder, one of the guys who created the original business model canvas (which Align’s blueprint is modeled after).

Why and how did Align’s 10 Strengths list come about?  After developing the Business Model Blueprint, we wanted a tool to evaluate the strength of a business model to provide a sustained competitive advantage. Since we know that business models grow outdated over time, we saw that businesses had a need— not just to reflect on the big-picture configuration of the business, but to measure the relative strengths and weaknesses of individual areas, as well as the business overall.  

Replace or greatly enhance a traditional SWAT analysis with the 10 Strengths for Invincibility.  The 10 Strengths list looks for internal synergy in operations, continued relevance and growing value for customers, alignment of purpose with employees and customers, and opportunities to generate profit from unique capabilities.   


Here’s a preview of 10 Strengths of an Invincible Business

1.       High-level business goals are being achieved and our purpose inspires employees and customers.

2.       A growing number of enthusiastic customers rave about how we are better than the alternatives.

3.       Objective methods are regularly used to learn about our customers’ wants and challenges.

4.       A diverse, highly talented workforce is drawn to our company and they are loyal and productive. 

5.       Business units with exceptional expertise and resources (core capabilities) serve as profit centers.  

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